Another year has concluded and we would like to thank all our students and tutors for their dedication and efforts in 2021. After adjusting to COVID-19 in 2020, we had a much smoother schedule this year with both physical and online classes. We would like to share some highlights of our year below:

1. We again successfully ran every physical Saturday class as scheduled in 2021 –  we like to thank our tutors for being dedicated and punctual throughout the entire year!

2. We have expanded our tuition subjects and our tutors to include year 11 and 12 English subjects, Psychology, and UCAT

3. We also have began accepting students of younger years (year 7 to 10) for private sessions in Maths, English and Science

4. Private tuition sessions now account for over 50% of enrolled subjects with introduction of small private group sessions (2-3 students)

5. Our online presence has increased significantly with students from across South Australia including regional areas

6. Successful dentistry interview preparations for both domestic and international students gaining entry to the prestigious dental program at Adelaide University