Advanced Education was started with the goal to provide South Australian high school students the opportunity to excel in their final years of studies and achieve their maximum academic potential. This concept is nothing new as tuition for primary, secondary and tertiary studies have been around for a very long time. Tuition centres/classes for all year levels are relatively mainstream in larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne for the past 20 years. However we noticed a lack of focused tuition here in Adelaide for students when they need it the most, during the crucial year 11 and 12 period. Not only are these the most challenging years of secondary studies, they are also the years that will determine the path into highly competitive tertiary education and future careers. It is no secret that ATAR scores play a major role in university admission thus obtaining the highest possible ATAR will give students the best chance of successful entry.

Our selection of subjects include Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as these are very popular subjects amongst year 11 and 12 students across the board. These subjects are also prerequisites for numerous tertiary courses including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, computer science etc… We believe that practice makes perfect thus extra tuition and repetition outside of the limited school curriculum will greatly benefit students in these courses. We want to instill better work ethics, motivation, and the drive to succeed. The dedication and determination involved will build life-long qualities that are highly useful in future studies and careers. 

We genuinely hope to see our students thrive throughout the school year and achieve outstanding ATAR scores at the end of year 12. Hopefully this will lead to students gaining admission into the tertiary courses of their dreams.