A common question that arises when enrolling for tutoring is whether to choose a professional tuition centre or private lessons. It is important to note that different styles of teaching and learning may benefit different types of students. However, before considering the needs of your child, let’s compare the costs first.


Comparing costs

Tutoring costs can vary widely, depending on a range of factors. Professional tuition centres are generally cheaper in terms of the hourly rate due to the economies of scale.

For example, at Advanced Education, all our teachers/tutors are either currently registered or recently retired school teachers with decades of subject experience, we only charge at around $28 per hour (if three or more subjects are enrolled, the hourly rate will be reduced as low as $22 per hour). You can find out more (link to our enrollment form)

On the other hand, a private tutor in Adelaide will typically charge $40-50 an hour, 43% higher than what we charge as a professional tuition centre.


Pros of Professional Tuition Centres

  • Highly trained and qualified tutors

Tutors employed by tutoring centers are selectively chosen based on their expertise and training. At Advanced Education, for example, all our tutors are either currently registered or recently retired school teachers, they possess a great deal of knowledge in their field.

  • Curriculum works for students

Each tuition center typically has its own curriculum and they are well-stocked with different textbooks and materials with corresponding worksheets and books for teachers and their students. At Advanced Education, our curriculum is developed based on the practical experience from the State’s top graduates, reviewed and proved by our teachers. We keep reviewing and improving our curriculum based on our students’ feedback, while private tutors are more likely to plan as they go.

  • Tutoring centers offer structure and social interaction 

Tutoring centers are great at finding and addressing students’ problem areas with planned and structured approach. Also, tutoring centers offer the opportunity for study groups and learning with others. At Advanced Education, our classes are ranging from 5 to 20 students and are facilitated by experienced school teachers. In these classes, students can interact with other students, having the opportunity to hear different opinions and answers as well as listening to questions they may not have thought of themselves. Ultimately, classes promote discussion of ideas and concepts which can potentially broaden scope for your child’s learning.


Cons of Professional Tuition Centres

  • Extra Stress

Although this may not seem like much, kids may not know how to deal with stress like adults do. Instead of helping them, extra tuition could really be driving their stress levels up and cause their learning to take a hit. Always check with your kid and see if their schedule is reasonable before attempting to hire more tutors for them.

  • Lack of Incentive to Self-Learn

When tuitions are involuntarily brought upon onto a child, they start to lose out on their independence and incentive to chase knowledge. This lack of curiosity will eventually be their downfall when they pursue their further studies in the future because of the constant spoon feeding. As such, an over-reliance on tuition classes is definitely a bad thing and shouldn’t be encouraged. The perfect time for tuition classes would be when a child is old enough to actually know that they need help and willingly requests for it to aid in their studies.



Pros of private tutoring

  • More convenient to your schedule. 

Private tutoring is more flexible. A tutoring session typically occurs in the home or library, at the convenience of the family. Family schedules are hectic and ever-changing, so having a private tutor allows a child to get the education he or she needs with the flexibility of staying at home or at least nearby.

  • Private tutors provide one-on-one attention. 

Private tutors allow students to be tutored on an individual basis without the distractions of other students. They provide the opportunity to develop a relationship with the tutor. If a student has focusing issues, putting him or her in a room with just one other person may improve that child’s attention. When kids go to school, they get books, materials, and lessons, but sometimes they need one-on-one face time to truly understand a subject.

Cons of private tutoring

  • Lack of expertise in multiple fields

Private tutors may not have appropriate qualifications, like those at tutoring centers, and may not possess the expertise required to adequately tutor your child. If your child is struggling in more than one subject or faces a learning challenge, private tutors might not offer the all-around access to trained professionals and the variety of subject options that a tutoring center would provide.

  • Lack of study atmosphere

Most private tutoring is done in a less organized setting. For some, having your child work on math problems at the kitchen table isn’t the best idea. Sometimes part of the problem is focus or organization, and tutoring centers help provide that. Atmosphere is crucial when it comes to learning, and tutoring centers understand how to create an atmosphere conducive for learning


Each option offers its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Very often, the choice between the two is determined by your child’s needs and/or your financial situation. As with any service, there’s a balance when it comes to finding personal attention and cost-effectiveness. If you are interested to find out more about how we can help, please call or email us.