There’s a few areas of difference when it comes to Advanced Education and other tuition companies or private tutors:

  1. We employ only qualified teachers/educators who hold bachelor degrees or higher. This is important for us as many private tutors or employed teachers are not qualified and have minimal teaching experience. They may be university students, recent graduates or other professionals doing a side job. We want our teachers to be relevant and up-to-date with the school curriculum and have proper teaching experience for year 11 and 12 students in order to deliver top quality education.
  2. We like to get a head start. Our term starts well before the official school term in order to provide our students with a head start going into year 11 and 12. This extra time allows subjects to be taught in advance while also giving students more time to absorb the knowledge before it is repeated again at school. The extra repetition will also help reinforce information and boost memory. At the same time this process allows students to spend extra time on difficult areas of these subjects in order to perfect them.
  3. We follow the curriculum and beyond. Our subjects are all taught in line with the SACE curriculum thus all the information will be directly useful for school and examinations. Our qualified teachers will be sharing the most useful and relevant knowledge with the common goal of achieving the best results at school and the final ATAR score.
  4. We want our environment to be challenging and competitive. Our classes will be run similar to the school class-room environment with like-minded students studying and sharing knowledge together with the teacher. We believe this is an advantage over private one-on-one tutoring as it adds extra motivation for students to excel.