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Tutors & Mentors in Adelaide to Help You Master SACE Year 11 and 12 Biology

Advanced Education will be offering tuition classes for SACE stage 1 and 2 Biology in 2020. Biology is a very popular science subject for students as it sets the foundation for future tertiary studies in numerous courses and professions in the medical and scientific fields as well as agriculture, biotechnology, marine science and many more. A thorough understanding of the topics and its relevance in society is required to be successful hence our Biology tutors can be of great help to supplement the school curriculum. Despite not being a re-requisite subject, Biology is still very popular for degrees such as medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and veterinary studies.


Year 11


3:35pm – 4:50pm

Year 12


9am – 10:15am


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 According to the SACE curriculum:

“In their study of Biology, students inquire into and explain biological phenomena and draw evidence-based conclusions from their investigations into biology-related issues, developments, and innovations.

Students explore the dynamic nature of biological science and the complex ways in which science interacts with society, to think critically and creatively about possible scientific approaches to solving everyday and complex problems and challenges. They explore how biologists work with other scientists to develop new understanding and insights, and produce innovative solutions to problems and challenges in local, national, and global contexts, and apply their learning from these approaches to their own scientific thinking.”

Like other sciences e.g. Chemistry, Biology requires problem solving skills and creative thinking in order to be successful. It combines elements of maths (in the form of calculations and measurements) with critical thinking through analysis and interpretation of information to constructing an appropriate method/approach in order to find a solution. Our Biology tutors in Adelaide can help guide students through these processes and deconstruct problems to allow better understanding while encouraging the development of critical thinking skills from multiple perspectives in order to be successful..


 Our Biology tutor will cover all topics outlined in the SACE curriculum:

Stage 1 Biology:

·   Topic 1: Cells and microorganisms

·   Topic 2: Infectious disease

·   Topic 3: Multicellular organisms

·   Topic 4: Biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics

Stage 2 Biology:

·   Topic 1: DNA and proteins

·   Topic 2: Cells as the basis of life

·   Topic 3: Homeostasis

·   Topic 4: Evolution