Physics Tutors in Adelaide

Receive guidance from qualified & trained tutors for Year 11 and 12 Physics

Advanced Education will be offering tuition classes for SACE stage 1 and 2 Physics in 2021 on Saturdays in our CBD location. We will also offer private physics tuition to all year levels of SACE or IB. Not only is Physics a popular subject choice for students, it sets the foundation for future tertiary studies in numerous courses and professions such as science, research, communications and engineering. It is highly competitive and contains a vast amount of knowledge and mathematical formulas thus having a Physics tutor can be of great benefit outside of the normal school program.


Year 11


3:35pm – 4:50pm

Year 12


2pm – 3:15pm 

the physics of water drops

 According to the SACE curriculum:

“The study of Physics is constructed around using qualitative and quantitative models, laws, and theories to better understand matter, forces, energy, and the interaction among them. Physics seeks to explain natural phenomena, from the subatomic world to the macro cosmos, and to make predictions about them. The models, laws, and theories in physics are based on evidence obtained from observations, measurements, and active experimentation over thousands of years. In Physics, students integrate and apply a range of understanding, inquiry, and scientific thinking skills that encourage and inspire them to contribute their own solutions to current and future problems and challenges.”

This is a challenging subject for many students and requires good foundations in mathematics and science in order to solve problems and prove theories. Students who excel in maths and other sciences will have an advantage in this subject as it integrates a combination of mathematics formulas and scientific understanding. Our Physics tutors in Adelaide are highly experienced in teaching year 11 and 12 students with multiple years of expertise in curriculum preparation as well as Physics SACE examination marking. These experiences will help students develop a better understanding of the subject and its topics in preparation for the assignments throughout the year as well as the SACE exams.


Our Physics tutor will cover all topics outlined in the SACE curriculum:

Stage 1 Physics:

  • Topic 1: Linear motion and forces
  • Topic 2: Electric circuits
  • Topic 3: Heat
  • Topic 4: Energy and momentum
  • Topic 5: Waves
  • Topic 6: Nuclear models and radioactivity.

Stage 2 Physics:

  • Topic 1: Motion and relativity
  • Topic 2: Electricity and magnetism
  • Topic 3: Light and atoms.