Medicine/Dentistry Interview Preparation

The interview process is one of the most important and highly valued assessments when it comes to gaining entry into Medicine or Dentistry courses at most Universities. Once the student has been offered an interview (after UCAT results and ATAR estimates), it is the last remaining assessment that he/she must pass before being accepted into the program. During this short duration, it is crucial for candidates to perform at their best and effectively express their desires to pursue a career in Medicine or Dentistry and convince the interview panel that they are an ideal candidate for the course/career ahead. Like anything else, preparation is key.

Our interview preparation program is specifically designed to give students detailed information about medicine/dentistry interviews, psychology behind interview questions, insight into the university programs of Medicine and Dentistry, and career prospects of doctors and dentists. The program consists of a private one-on-one consult (with or without parents), 2 seminars, and 2 mock interviews. For all domestic students, the program will take place in October/November at our Adelaide CBD location. For all international students, please contact us directly as interview times are usually much earlier than domestic applicants. 

We also offer one-on-one private interview preparation with our director as a once-off 2 hour session. This will include knowledge given in the seminars as well as tailored advice and preparation with the individual student. This is an ideal option for interstate applicants or those with busy weekly schedules. 


About our interview preparation director:


The program is organised and run by Dr. Han Deng, a director of Advanced Education and a well-established dentist in Adelaide. He has extensive experience in interviews, having been through the process himself numerous times throughout his career (most recently selected as the only person interstate to complete his Masters program in QLD). He also has a keen interest in teaching/tutoring/mentoring students and dentists.

Some brief credentials include:

Dentistry tutor at Aquinas College in 2009-2010, private tutor in 2011-2012

Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Adelaide University, SA – class of 2011

Bachelor of Dental Science (Hons) from Adelaide University, SA – concurrent degree in 2011

Masters of Clinical Dentistry from Griffith University, QLD –  1 of 5 graduates in 2017, only one selected outside of QLD among 50 applicants

Director/owner of 4 private dental clinics around Adelaide metropolitan areas

The cost of the complete program for 2020 is $950 in Adelaide.
The cost of a private one-on-one 2 hour session is $495. This can be done in person at our CBD location or online (for interstate students).

Student numbers are very limited due to Dr. Deng’s availability so please register your interest ASAP via telephone (8257 9151) or email info@advancededucation.com.au