Dental Student & Graduate Coaching

A career in Dentistry is challenging to say the least. Academic knowledge and achievements at university is only a small part of the big picture once you graduate and unfortunately little advice or guidance is offered in this aspect during the dental program. Having been a practice owner for almost 10 years and have both employed and interviewed numerous dental students/new graduates, there is an obvious lack of knowledge and awareness of what a career in dentistry (outside of dental treatment) actually involves. We are here to help those who want to be better prepared and have realistic expectations of things to come post graduation. Some of the most common (although rarely discussed) topics of interest include:

– Jobs in dentistry – private, public, group, solo
– Types of employment – permanent, casual, “contractor” 
– Salaries & pay structures 
– Tax planning
– Job interviews – how to stand out from the crowd
– CPD courses – which to pick?
– Post-graduate studies  
– Stress management
– Work-place relationships 


Individual one-on-one session = $470 (approximately 2 hours). 

Group sessions = $370 per student (maximum of 3 per session)

This can be done in-person or online, please contact us to arrange a suitable option with Dr Deng. 

Best contact method is email Please allow 24-48 hours for a response 


About Dr. Han Deng:


Dr. Han Deng is a director of Advanced Education and a well-established dentist in Adelaide. Upon graduation he went into private practice at 2 separate locations in Adelaide metro areas. He became a practice owner by the end of his 1st year and went on to own 4 separate locations within 5 years. He has extensive experience in the field of dentistry, not just clinically but management and running dental businesses. He thoroughly enjoys sharing knowledge and providing guidance to those in need.

Some brief credentials include:

Dentistry tutor at Aquinas College in 2009-2010, private tutor in 2011-2012

Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Adelaide University, SA – class of 2011

Bachelor of Dental Science (Hons) from Adelaide University, SA – concurrent degree in 2011

Masters of Clinical Dentistry from Griffith University, QLD –  1 of 5 graduates in 2017, only one selected outside of QLD among 50 applicants

Director/owner of 4 private dental clinics around Adelaide metropolitan areas