Enrolment Terms and Conditions

Students are enrolled at Advanced Education (the Tuition Centre) on the terms and conditions set out below.

  • Parents/Caregivers must pay the tuition fees as invoiced by Advanced Education.
  • Tuition fees and charges may increase each year based on changes in the Consumer Price Index.

1.3 If Parents/Caregivers fail to pay an account for tuition fees within 30 days of the due date, the Tuition Centre may:

(a) suspend the Student’s enrolment until a satisfactory arrangement for payment is made; and/or

(b) terminate the Student’s enrolment.


Students are required to have high standards of behaviour and:

(a) abide by the policies or rules issued by Advanced Education;

(b) behave courteously and considerately to each other and to the staff at all times;

(c) not do anything which may adversely affect the reputation of the Tuition Centre, including in print and electronic media;

(d) support the goals and values of the Tuition Centre.



(a) are required to assist and require the Student to comply with the above requirements of students;

(b) must support the goals and values of the Tuition Centre;

(c) while on the Tuition Centre premises, must comply with relevant procedures, the requests of staff, and with any applicable code of conduct of the Tuition Centre;

(d) must advise the Tuition Centre in writing of any change of home, mailing, email address or contact details or other information on the Enrolment Form.


4.1 No remission of fees and charges either in whole or in part will be made where a student is absent due to illness or leave.

4.2 The Student may be temporarily or permanently excluded from the Tuition Centre by the Directors of Advanced Education (or any person authorised by the Directors to take such action) at his or her absolute discretion if they consider the Student has:

(a) breached the Tuition Centre’s rules or policies in place from time to time; or (b) otherwise engaged in conduct which is prejudicial to the Tuition Centre, its students or staff.

4.3 The Student will be eligible for a refund of the remaining term’s fees if written notification of termination is given by the Parent/Caregiver within the first 2 weeks of commencement. Classes attended during these first 2 weeks will be charged as usual.


The Parents/Caregivers must fully disclose any special needs or changes in special needs of the Student (including but not limited to any medical, physical, learning or psychological needs) in the Enrolment Form, and subsequently as soon as they become aware of those special needs or changes in special needs.


6.1 The Parents/Caregivers acknowledge that the Tuition Centre may from time to time collect personal information before and during the course of a Student’s enrolment at the Tuition Centre. This may be in writing or in the course of conversations. The primary purpose of collecting this information is to enable the Student to take part in all the activities of the Tuition Centre;

6.2 Some of the information the Tuition Centre collects is to satisfy the Tuition Centre’s legal obligations, particularly to enable the Tuition Centre to discharge its duty of care. Laws governing or relating to the operation of the Tuition Centre require certain information to be collected and disclosed. This includes relevant education, health and child protection laws.


7.1 The Tuition Centre may change these terms and conditions of enrolment at any time by giving the Parents/Caregivers written notice.

7.2 In this document

(a) ‘Caregivers’ means the Student’s parents or legal guardians, or, where the Student has only one parent or legal guardian, that parent or legal guardian.

(b) ‘Student’ means the person identified on the Student Enrolment Form as the Student;

(c) ‘Directors’ means the directors or acting directors of Advanced Education, by whatever title she or he is known, and/or his or her nominee.